Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Because I’m slouchy and oh so sloppy

I’ve had many people ask me why I just stopped writing, why there weren’t new pictures or posts. So here it is, I plead guilty. I’m lazy, I got lazy and I will continue to be so J
The good news is that I’m back and I’m going to start this time, with a tribute to the lazy girl- the procrastinator, the fuss hater, no comb no pin dresser.I ganged up with fanciful Kadambari at a playground in Gurgaon, our nutribars and us, dressing up, talking endlessly and clicking away.
Reversed Cape dress
A cotton cape I bought a year later is now a shift dress, clinched at the back in a no fuss way
Cape: Sarojini
Banjara Jewelry: Lane next to janpath
Shoes: Kadambari’s personal collection; Forever 21
Not so prim, prim skirt
We all love Ms. Berry’s feminine style on Glee, but face it- you can’t walk prim that way in scorching Delhi. Time to swap her holiness with a simple, casual tee.
Tshirt: Zara
Skirt: An erstwhile dress from Sarojini
Belt: Forever New
Earrings: Forever 21
Pastel Perfect Pyjamas
When you think pastel, you think sheer dresses, cute jumpsuits and those dainty accessories. And then you think Pyjamas, airy, breezy PYJAMAS. The rest is self-explanatory.
Ganji: Sarojini
Pastel pyjamas: Sarojini
Feather necklace: Forever 21
Metallic mix ups
This has to be my kind of statement piece- mixing oxidized silver and copper gold. The green dress has an over exposing cut, and hamaare India mein toh nahi chalta. So I layered it with a matching kurta for a tunic look. Love the colors on this style!
Dress: H&M
Kurta: Cottons
Jewelry: From all around Delhi
Boring Black
I can hardly remember the number of years this black shirt sat in my closet. I loved the oversized classic shirt, but you can’t help but sense its moroseness. Lack of many options called for desperate measures and the shirt was soon dressed up! My dad’s cotton scarf bow made a gentleman out of the shirt!
Shirt: Hand me down
Shoes: Forever 21
Denim shorts: Kadambari’s pair
Hope you girls are as excited as I am! waiting to hear from you on the new post x