Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretty Preppy

Preppy dressing was refered to as conventional or optimistic dressing in the past, wherein ‘square’ people or boring dressers would dress in this fashion. But come the summer of 2011, preppy style of dressing makes a come back in a fun geeklovin’ sort of way. Its one of my favorite trends, hopefully you’ll love it!

StyleTIPS: what you need for this look:

·       Be Neat
·       Add detail- a bow, a broach, a scarf or a cute hat- carry an umbrella on hot days
·       More real, less dressy- No dangling earrings, leave those high heels
·       Color specific: work with pastels, patterns and stripes along with primary colors
·       Keep it sporty: Try blank white pair of converse shoes, straight khakhis, denim shirts and leather belts
·       Androgyny: That means a girl dressing up like a boy. That’s all you need to know of the term androgyny in fashion- its dressing up in a masculine way. 

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sole Story

After studying Communication design in college- I get inspired by the smallest of things, different people and creative expression. Today I wanted to show you the works of this girl who I am very inspired by- in terms of the way she lives, her colors, her ideas and inspiration- Marilyn Monroe.

Kadambari Issar is just a young teenager who dreams of Vogue and expensive shoes and the high life. I think its safe to say that she’s heading for that and more. She’s super creative, crazy and so weird. I love her.

Here’s a superb story she did on her friends and how the way they dress talks about them.

Ps. She hasn’t started her own blog yet- but I am so EXCITED to feature this J hope you love it as much as I do!

 The young

 The thinker

 The brave

 The happy

 The dreamer

 The fighter

The free

Monday, April 18, 2011

The key to happiness

There are so many thoughts in my head right now. I graduate from college (hopefully) in a month and it’s bringing this sort of head rush where stories from the past and wishes for the future are playing mind limbo everyday.

I’m in love with my grey Oxfords that I bought from Forever 21 (Rs. 1700) and will coordinate my wardrobe, daily :P with these shoes (till I start getting bored)

After a week of running around, calm returns as I get back to my interstate travel and mindless muttering of interworld fantasies.

 I brought this beautiful lock and key necklace from Forever 21 (Guess who shopped like a madwoman last Tuesday) for Rs. 400- it was a little steep considering F21’s normal standards- but totally worth it. I can’t stop feeling the texture in my hands J The broach on my trouser pocket is from people tree- it’s the first time I saw sky blue and red mixing so perfectly- so I bought it- It was for Rs. 125.

This rickshaw puller reminded me of color early in the morning with his interesting bright yellow (!) shirt. All those boys who are looking forward for some entries directed at them- give me a week- let me plan it out.

Thank you for a fabulous Sunday at-TedxNSIT-it felt great to talk about my baby in front of such an accepting audience.

Friday, April 15, 2011

Living out of Boxes

I guess you guys have figured it out now, but I would still mention it yet again- I love this dull grey shade in accessories. Recently brought this large cape like grey kaftan to wear over, well, EVERYTHING in my wardrobe J its my best friend already.

This outfit is a result of some really interesting shopping:
Top: Sarojini (Rs. 100)
Denims: Incense (Rs. 800)
Grey Cape: Sarojini (Rs. 110)
Brogues: Forever 21 (Rs. 1699)
Necklace: Forever 21 (Rs. 200)

So I went to the malls for summer shopping recently and wanted to give you a quick update:

Forever 21: Has the most fabulous bags, accessories and shoes- their jeans are looking lovely as well- the dresses and tops aren’t that distinct or nice for now, you can find all those styles in sarojini- trust me!
Must buy- High waist bellbottoms for Rs. 1500 selling at Rs. 800!
Brogues at Rs. 1400 and rs. 1700
All these reduced prices stay for a very limited time, so hit the stores soon!

Zara: Has very interesting vibrant pants selling for Rs. 2199, but I’d much rather go to incense in Sarojini to get them for Rs. 600. The shoes at Zara are looking really good though, so you can definitely pick a pair.

styleTIP: Its always better to buy your classics (Shoes, bags, jeans, pants, white shirt) from a brand and mix it with your thrift purchases to give a chic look. Doing the opposite can become a complete disaster!
Hope you enjoyed my first look from my season shopping

Keep on dressing xx 

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yellow yellow dirty fellow

There are so many colors and patterns on the roads these days- or maybe it’s the sun that’s spreading light to everything around. Here are some nice dressing ideas J

I love this girl’s pants- they have a great texture.
StyleTIP: Looking at her body type, it would be better if she would’ve let the shirt hang loose and not tuck it in. When wearing skinnies, make sure that you’re not wearing something tight on top as well- it gives a very sticky feeling. 

I call this my MAFIA look. Yo yo yo.The scarf is just one my many purchases from Sarojini for Rs. 50- get a truck load of different patterns for summer!

StyleTIP: If you have some kurtis of this sort from Sarojini/Janpath, remove the string that comes on the back to give it a less sarojini and more Zara feel- I removed my strings and feel so free in it.

Talking about the streets being inspired by Zara- check this one out. These are Zara pants inspired by the streets! I was shocked and very pleasantly surprised that they’ve been creating indie pants as well J

I love this girl’s pendant. Its from Pahadganj by the way. Pahadganj hippie shops are known for extremely quirky/vintage accessories. If any of you plan to go there, take me along! 

Color blocking is very in this season- get crayola crazy! Look how an ethnic jewelry seller gives Jil Sander (Designer) a run for her money.

There’s a month left for me to be completely out on the streets- Look forward to A LOT of Indian street fashion and easy tips my loverlies.

Keep on dressing xx

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

On the road

Tuesday morning started with the best activity ever- Thrift shopping! It was a pleasant day to shop at sarojini, with the sun out of my way. There is so much I want to share with you this week In terms of my summer wardrobe- Look out for Classic meets thrift part III J

I’m currently preparing for a presentation I’m giving at NSIT this Sunday, look it up here. I’m going to talk about Indiestylerush, the inspiration behind it and all you fabulous people. Will post details soon!

So here’s what I saw on my way to Sarojini

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pajama Party!

It’s been a very very busy week and I apologize for my complete absence. There is so much happening around me that I lost count of how many days I didn’t document.

As the great Indian super fussy summer approaches, I have decided to shun my jeans. They’re not coming with me on my daily adventures. No No NO.

Which is why I shifted to Pajamas J let me know what you think. Like always, there are two variations- informal and formal created with the same pajamas.

This one is for all my hardworking office girls who get suffocated in formal pants- Tell your sticky office attire to take a hike and go in for some nice Cotton pants. There are fabulous loose pants to be found at CottonWorld, FabIndia and yours truly, Janpath.

Pair these up with strictly formal co-ordinates to create airy, relaxed daywear.

Love to you