Saturday, October 22, 2011

Two owls and a gold(en) fish

Tiny florals and tiny details make all the difference when it comes to dressing up. Invest in these pretty pieces that can dress up a basic pair of jeans or solid colors. Let me know what really interests you so we can go shopping to give you a list of where you can get variations in the same accessory. 


Thursday, October 13, 2011

DASTAK'ART NATURE BAZAAR: For a Quirky weekend!

This time round, as I kicked out my sheer procrastination, I really dug deep into what Indiestylerush was initially all about. After weeks.. ahem, months of introspection, came along my answer, the ever so inspiring Dastakar Nature Bazaar.

What started as a mandatory college field trip 2 years back is now an annual quirky date. The nature bazaar is a mélange of interesting people, creative NGO pursuits and eclectic, colour crazed India. For years I’ve had people asking me where I got my ‘haathi’ earrings and camel leather laptop bag. This is it people.

Date: 8-19th October 2011. Venue: Crafts Museum, near purana quila (metro station: pragati maidan). 
Time: around 11-7pm

What should you be looking for in this craft bazaar? Color. Out of the box collectibles and environment friendly alternatives. Other than that, here’s what tops my list of must buys.

Walk the walk
At the UUMPCL store, find accessories ranging from collectible notebooks, wallets and funky chappals.

Kullu Karishma
That what they call themselves at store no. 78, which is the brainchild of a scientist in Himachal Pradesh.

Color Chameleon
At store no. 180, find Lakshya, an NGO supporting young boys and empowering them with skills to create eye popping, quirky products.

Swell Jewels
Throughout the bazaar, if you look closely, you’ll find interesting silver, bamboo, ethnic and exquisite jewelry.

Tips to a good experience:
1. Carry water
2. Make sure you have atleast 2 hours to spend at this bazaar, you really need to dig deep to find the stars. If you do find them, it’ll take you ages to decide on what to finally buy!
Largely foreign nationals visit the Craft Bazaar, so once you hear the MRP’s make sure you bargain a bit.
3. At the end of the day though, most of these products are the results of dedication and skill of beautiful craftspeople from various states and NGO’s, so make sure you don’t haggle too much either J

This is what I looked like at the Bazaar
Tshirt: Sarojini (Rs. 100)
Cuordroy stretch pants: Forever 21 (Rs. 1400)
Oxfords: Forever 21 (Rs. 1700)
Sunglasses: Raybans (Gift)
Handbag: Forever 21 (Rs. 1500)
Peacock Feather Earring: Sarojini (Rs. 10)

Have a fabulous weekend and let me know what you ended up buying!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Five ways to wear the seventies Flare

You’ve to start letting go of those fitted trousers and jeggings this year, love. Ignorance might be bliss, but this one’s going to take over casual dressing before you know it.

Wide legged pants and flare jeans are back on the streets and are here to stay. It might be the need for change or just the ease that comes with this shape; these airy pants and lines are an easy alternative to your current favorites.

So here’s some ideas on how you can style a basic pair of flare jeans. The size of the flare can vary according to you and how dramatic you are J

Casual Nautical

Hip Hipster
Ethnic easy
Dramatic Dressy
Elegant evenings

For more ideas, find your doppleganger (celebrity look-alike in terms of body shape and size) online and see how she puts on wide legged pants or jeans.

The belt and buttoned up shirt- look is a classic when putting on flares. Now that the sales are on, go find these interesting lowers to go with your winter wardrobe. Go now!

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Keeping it simple

There are days when we try super hard to look interesting and well put together. Then there are days when we just don’t feel like making an effort, yet the outcome is pretty interesting. Here’s some of my experiments and some styling serendipity J

Cute denim dress: Sarojini (After hours of treasure hunting)
Graphic scarf: Germany (A friend’s gift)
Necklace: Forever 21
Flats: Aldo (Last Season)

Ethnic inspired coordinates J

The ‘friends & coffee’ look
Shirt: Sarojini
Shorts: Pantaloons
Flip Flops: Lifestyle
Wooden Bangles: Sarojini

The office/lunch out look
Top: Cottons in (GK I N Block market/Metropolitan mall Gurgaon)
Pants: Zara
Brogues: Aldo (Last season)
Necklace: Agra (but can be found in Delhi Haat)
Wooden Bangles: Sarojini

Monday, May 30, 2011

To a light summer

When you’re walking out in the heat, that too, Delhi’s super explosive summer heat- colorful hotpants and dresses are the least of your worries.

To save yourself the sun burn, its much more ideal to put on something easy that is not only chic, but less stuffy and covers most of your body. Make it a point to play with color, cotton and easy accessories in this style.

Here’s some inspiration J

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

For an easy breezy summer!

Here’s how you can get your hands on the summer’s easiest must haves J

1.Idontcare Pyjamas, Rs 100
Look through those shady pyjama sellers in Sarojini. Look through plenty before you decide on one. Make sure you check the fabric’s quality.

2. Colorful Flip flops. Rs. 250
Don’t go all the way to high street brands to get just one pair at 1500. Go to Lifestyle/ Westside and get 3-4 pairs at the same price!
3. Whites, Rs. 2190
This cute dress comes from Zara but if you’re looking at cheaper outfits, go to Cottonworld or Fabindia. White pants/shirts/skirts/shorts- everything’s is in. You must have white coordinates this summer!

4. Crazy Cool Scarves, Rs. 890 onwards (Zara) Rs. 50 (Sarojini)
Look for the brightest colors, floral prints, wacky patterns and motifs.

5. Dramatic hats Rs. 1000
This one can be found at Zara, but Aldo has stocked up some really cute ones as well, with cute bows and other details. They’re priced at around a grand, but can be worn for years.

6. Jumpsuits and Jumpers, Rs. 150
The one in the picture is from sarojini, but there are plenty of high street brands selling these. Short girls go for jumpers, girls with long legs put on jumpsuits.

7.Oversized cotton shirt, Rs. 200
Airy and comfortable, get your hands on these light cotton shirts that can become shirtdresses, get tucked in or tucked out. The easiest thing to put on this summer!

8.  Tailored shorts, Rs. 1549
The pair in the picture is from Forever 21. For all those dinners with parents, Movie dates and casual lunches, bring home a pair of well-tailored shorts to go with classy shirts or just a ganji.

Hope this helps all you girls heading out to shop!

Friday, May 20, 2011


After a week of strenuous exams, juries and crazy days I finally get salvation and an award!

My very first ’The one lovely blogger award’ comes to me from a fellow blogger, Francesca B.. who’s been gracious enough to dedicate her award to me as one of her favourite blogs J

Now you guys probably know how young I am with this, and I can’t seem to control that smile that’s been pasted across my face!

When you get this award you have to thank the person giving you the award , say 7 things about yourself and give the award to 15 other bloggers.

So here’s 7 things about me
1. I fantasize about having a huge room(s) filled with racks and racks of shoes and vintage accessories.
2. I love dancing and couldn't think of a better way to express myself
3. I love Lady GaGa, but more than her, I love her message
4. I can spend hours thinking
5. I am grateful to god for my mother, and my two best friends (you know who you are)
6. My favorite designer is Alexander Mc Queen, followed by Tom Ford and Marc Jacobs.
7. I want to travel all around the world, fall in love with a place and stay there forever

Here’s my favorite 15 blogs:

Go check these out!

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Indian Cheap & Chic

A friend and me went to Lajpat Nagar for some good ol’ sourcing- something she does regularly as she’s an assistant designer for Suneet Varma Design.
I entered this market with no prior expectations, and hardly remember visiting it before. Amongst cheap kurtis and deep fried pakodas, I happened to find something I thought you jewelry junkies would be interested in. Yes, fair ladies; I happened to find a lane of crazy jewelry/embellishment supply stores!

Now some of you might be aware of this crazy lane, but for the others, you have to get yourself to go here! These shops sell all those ethnic/funky pieces you get in Khan Market for 1/4th the price. So worth it!
Here’s what I bought. Isn’t the necklace so artful?  (Smiles to self- it cost me Rs. 100)
Moving on, here’s some fabulous ethnic style. Hope you like it!

A School friend I found in citywalk.

What a fresh, different way to walk the malls. Her Mum makes these airy kurtas and churidaars. If you want your hands on some, let me know!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

The City's walk

So I’ve been trying to graduate for a while now, it’s been four years (almost). My exams start this month and even though I have SO much to write about and so so much to share, Im going to give it a break for a while J

Here’s some people I met on my way to citywalk.  

Let me know what you think of these ideas :) 

Monday, May 2, 2011

On the road

Sarojini Nagar Market

Khan Market

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ghaa-gra oooh la la

You can call it a bad romance that began in the mess of NID Ahmedabad. When true love conspires, there can only be two reasons; coincidence or crazy. In this case, there’s both!
Lady Ghaghra is the brainchild of Mira and Sonam, who are currently studying to be designers at NID.  Starting out as a common love for kitsch craft- the girls started flexing their muscles on their ‘crafty Saturdays’ to come up with an eccentric, colorful and funky jewelry line.

“One day we’re at mess eating lunch and I’m making fun of Lady Gaga and I make this stupid PJ: If Lady Gaga was Indian, what would she be called? (Free jewelry if you can answer this one!) Three days later, it was the name of our brand.”- Mira

What started as a little project, an afternoon joke, became the next big thing. “We got 400 views the first day the blog was out and when we posted the link on facebook, we were ghagra deep with orders!”

“Whoodhavthunkitt? I certainly didn’t. It’s still going strong. I think if you plan something, it will always suck. It’s the accidents that make beautiful businesses, movements, whatever. I hope this is one of them.” 

“The name obviously from Lady Gaga, whose music I (Mira) hate (fans, don’t throw things at me) though Sonam loves bad romance But as much as I hate her music, I can’t help wanting to know what she’s wearing. She has freakishly weird style and I’m in complete awe of it, even if I don’t always like it. I don’t think she caters to a male audience much, she dresses for herself, which I find refreshing.”

Being creative people, whenever we see something that inspires us we get these new ideas gnawing and clawing at our brains until we see it reach fruition. Plus its hard to see unique jewelry nowadays that doesn’t cost a bomb. The jewelry will never be pretty and sweet, it will always be loud, kitschy, novel and attention-grabbing. Maybe obnoxious. Working on that.

Get to see all of their work here


Fashion icons
Mira: I love Anand Wilder, Davey Havok, Gwen Stefani, Alice Dellal, Beth Ditto, Kangana Ranaut, Agyness Deyn, Kathleen Hannah, Dita Von Teese, I adore Shilpa Chavan’s work and Manish Arora’s too.
Sonam: i dont really have a fashion icon. I like to do things my way. But I look up to people who can pull off anything they wear.

Wouldn’t be caught dead in?
Mira: men’s denim shirts. Yuck. I don’t care even if they’re in fashion.
Sonam: bell bottoms...eek

An indian trend that can never go out of fashion
Mira: The Ghagra! :P
Sonam: the sari

Who’s the lady ghagra girl/woman
Somebody whose wearing her style for herself, not anyone else. Someone who is arty, defiant when she needs to be, isn’t a clone, assertive, edgy, sometimes loud, individual and loves her Indian culture, isn’t ashamed to even poke fun at it sometimes.

Ideas for the future
Stuff for guys! Lots of stuff for guys! All our guy friends are feeling left out, so we’re going to have a collection for them, I’m sure!