Saturday, October 22, 2011

Two owls and a gold(en) fish

Tiny florals and tiny details make all the difference when it comes to dressing up. Invest in these pretty pieces that can dress up a basic pair of jeans or solid colors. Let me know what really interests you so we can go shopping to give you a list of where you can get variations in the same accessory. 


Thursday, October 13, 2011

DASTAK'ART NATURE BAZAAR: For a Quirky weekend!

This time round, as I kicked out my sheer procrastination, I really dug deep into what Indiestylerush was initially all about. After weeks.. ahem, months of introspection, came along my answer, the ever so inspiring Dastakar Nature Bazaar.

What started as a mandatory college field trip 2 years back is now an annual quirky date. The nature bazaar is a mélange of interesting people, creative NGO pursuits and eclectic, colour crazed India. For years I’ve had people asking me where I got my ‘haathi’ earrings and camel leather laptop bag. This is it people.

Date: 8-19th October 2011. Venue: Crafts Museum, near purana quila (metro station: pragati maidan). 
Time: around 11-7pm

What should you be looking for in this craft bazaar? Color. Out of the box collectibles and environment friendly alternatives. Other than that, here’s what tops my list of must buys.

Walk the walk
At the UUMPCL store, find accessories ranging from collectible notebooks, wallets and funky chappals.

Kullu Karishma
That what they call themselves at store no. 78, which is the brainchild of a scientist in Himachal Pradesh.

Color Chameleon
At store no. 180, find Lakshya, an NGO supporting young boys and empowering them with skills to create eye popping, quirky products.

Swell Jewels
Throughout the bazaar, if you look closely, you’ll find interesting silver, bamboo, ethnic and exquisite jewelry.

Tips to a good experience:
1. Carry water
2. Make sure you have atleast 2 hours to spend at this bazaar, you really need to dig deep to find the stars. If you do find them, it’ll take you ages to decide on what to finally buy!
Largely foreign nationals visit the Craft Bazaar, so once you hear the MRP’s make sure you bargain a bit.
3. At the end of the day though, most of these products are the results of dedication and skill of beautiful craftspeople from various states and NGO’s, so make sure you don’t haggle too much either J

This is what I looked like at the Bazaar
Tshirt: Sarojini (Rs. 100)
Cuordroy stretch pants: Forever 21 (Rs. 1400)
Oxfords: Forever 21 (Rs. 1700)
Sunglasses: Raybans (Gift)
Handbag: Forever 21 (Rs. 1500)
Peacock Feather Earring: Sarojini (Rs. 10)

Have a fabulous weekend and let me know what you ended up buying!