Thursday, March 31, 2011

Warfare studies

All ready for Saturday are we? Well here’s some dressing ideas to keep it stylish as you cheer for Team India without letting go of your own thunder J

Back from your half day at work- going out with friends? 
Just change your formal shirt for a relaxed chemise or an interesting (yet sexy) top to go with your oh-so masculine office pants. Girls who wear tighter pants- stick to a looser top. Girls who wear pants like mine- wear a fitted top with sleeves or a dressy top which helps you breathe easy.

Colors should be bright- positive and cheerful- hint of simple accessories.

REMEMBER- the trick on Saturday is to keep it breezy- not sticky- you gotta spend 8+ HOURS in that outfit!

Going out with friends to the colony screening- might meet your parents after?
An easy pair of denim shorts paired with a kurta or a loose shirt (so that all those beers you chug/pizza you eat does not show up in your dressing minutes later) Remember you’re cheering iNDIA- so keep the colors interesting, add some kitsch with interesting kohlapuris- bright earrings or simple cues.

Spending 3 grands on watching a match at some hot shot club in town?
You need to dress up. So wear the most comfortable jeans you own- pair up a bright top and wedges/ kitten heels. Im not a fan of small heels- but at this event you’re bound to kill yourself if you try sporting stilts.

Hope India wins, hope you guys look great when it does.

Start dressing up!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Goa Inspired

As the heading rightly suggests, Ive been really thinking about the beautiful city and wishing and waiting to go there. Taking cue from the city- here’s some summer styles. 
This look has two variants- casual and for a night out- you could also pair this up with basic black heels- but I was in the mood for some color :)
Summer Jacket: when going out in the summer- you contemplate whether you should wear that halter top or a tanktop for the fear of being letched at or catching a tan.
This extended cotton shrug you get at Sarojini/GK/Janpath is the answer to your issues! Its going to be my best friend this summer- so I don’t stress my style while going out.
Price: Rs. 100 at Sarojini
StyleTIP: Mix and match all your beads and mama’s old pearls to create your own edgy statement necklace. Add interesting elements like ribbon or cute charms. 

Coming up with a lot more on thrift shopping this summer!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Short Stories

It seems like the winters are out and shorts are in J Here are a few ‘shortys’ I found on my way to work.

What I love about this look is that there are so many accessories and colors- yet she doesn’t look overdressed or crazy. 

StyleFocus: Her quirky yellow bow and those beautiful earrings- don’t miss her silver anklet that hints the beginning of a yummy summer!
I love the way this look combines different patterns and looks so easygoing- I think I’m a little love struck by her beautiful rose-y bag- I’m really into Botanicals this month!

Finally, I came up with my own look with shorts- for work/semi formal outings. The shorts are actually altered formal pants from my pile of MUN conference clothing.StyleTIP: If the style or fitting of your formal pants has run out- get them altered or snipped to neat shorts- they look so elegantHope this post gives you some ideas for casual dressing this season.Much love

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Botanical Garden

Time and again, spring brings with it beautiful colors, romantic lace and light fabric. Today’s post focuses on florals or what we call ‘Botanicals’ in the broad sense of the term. Beautiful rose, pretty paisley and little flowers- no matter how much you run away from them you minimalist you- they’re going to come barging in!

In a country where prints are the easiest to find and the most convenient to wear- look no further than your own wardrobe (or your mums) to create your own look.

Like this ‘dress’ I came up with- I wore a beautiful kurti my aunty got me from Westside- I thought for hours how I could make it look less monotonous and paired it up with a long lacy top I was too scared to wear by itself: P

Combining lace and florals, this is my favorite look J

For those of you who go to office and barf at the idea of flowers- try this look that I found in the metro- I love the basket weave that she’s carrying as a handbag.

For those of you who have a GAZILLION kurtis post the Bunty Babli era- try to pair these up with high street co-ordinates to create a special indie look.

More from the metro-

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Breathe easy

There are days I feel really grumpy- like I don’t want to wear jeans cause they’re sticky, it’s hot and cold, I feel fat and I don’t want to wake up in the morning. Actually these days happen to me every day these days.

Thinking relaxed- non fussy- yet stylish- my hippie streak comes right out. A bohemian at heart, I love the color, release and jingle-jangle of this Woodstock inspired look J

In case you don’t want to make as much as an effort as I do- have a look at this eco honors student I met in the metro- with the side plat looking so easy chic- she’s wearing a loose tshirt with fitted jeans and shoes- love her Benetton bag. 

A few other bags I saw in the metro

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

On my way to dreary work

Some dressing ideas and colors to brighten up your day J  

Thanks for visiting- do comment on what you think

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Re-style Re-view Re-invent

After wearing the same t-shirt with its co-ordinate for the last couple of months, you can’t bear the thought of wearing it with another piece of clothing off its ‘range’.

Dressing, and dressing well- is about starting your own little experiments, trying on things that you haven’t tried before, to re-interpret your sense of style.

A lot of people ask me why. Why should they ‘waste’ those extra 5 minutes of sleep on thinking what to wear? I would say to you- the feeling you get when you wake up each day to see a different you is totally worth it. My styling teacher drilled this into us at college- he made girls out of ogres!

Who would want one diva when you can have five in one! It’s a Saturday- go through your stuffed wardrobe and find yourself J

Now I know you’ve seen this dress a lot of times. Why you see it so often is because I love the fullness of it J Its very feminine and slender.

Today- I decided to dress up to reflect the fullness of skirts of the mid seventies. A Variation of the Pinafore dress, I put together a basic shrug and defined it with a belt.

High waist belts or the empire line belt have become very popular these days- So be a little careful. Wear a belt only when it’s needed to refine the look- don’t overdo a style just because it’s ‘in’.

I love love love my brogues (the masculine flat shoes I’m wearing) but the flounce in the skirt made me wear my boot pumps as well- a skirt goes well with nice pumps.

A very similar look- casual chic with a very crisp use of the high waist belt. 

I love this girl’s belt. You wouldn’t believe she bought it from Sarojini! Its lovely.

Looking forward to hearing from you


Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Finding funk in everyday Indian

As soon as you buy an interesting stole from Delhi Haat- or get a hand me down chunni from your mama, the first thing you’re thinking is- which kurta/suit am I wearing this with?

Everywhere around the world, designers are looking at Indian ethnic influences, traditional textile and more. As a part of a city that accepts so many cultures as its own, it is our job as girls/women in Delhi to dress the part!
Use interesting ethnic coordinates to go with your everday look- even in the simplest of ways. From a rusted kangan to your salwar- start mixing cultures up!

I found this stole in Janpath- after 4 stores, I found bellbottoms made of the same material! The first thought that came to my mind was to pair this up with a kurti. That was until I experimented a little  J

Basic winter Look

Basic summer look
If you have love handles like me, use this layering style to refine your curves by wearing a shapely vest underneath.

This bag was spotted on my way to office in the Metro. Its from the Trade fair that was recently organized in Pragati Maidan. Trade fairs and melas like the Dastakar mela are a fabulous place to pick up interesting stuff!

The fluorescent yellow bangle that I’m wearing in the pictures above is from the Dastakar Crafts Mela, which is held bi-annually. I’ll let you know when its coming up next!

Mixing ethnic elements in everyday fashion is one of my all time favorite looks. Hope you find it interesting enough to work for your wardrobe as well.

Love to you- thank you for making my this little project worth the while :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


In my mind I’m rushing towards the summer cause I'm so DONE with winter. So today I mixed the best of the winter with summer...

Yellow+Layering= In to the light J

Also in this post, you can see how to layer your clothes- creating a contrast in order to keep the eye interested. Let me know if you want more on how to mix colors in terms of layering.

The necklace I’m wearing is from Agra- a very special gift. I hated it at first but now am in complete love with it. Tribal accessories when coordinated with subtle colors and silhouettes (Clothes without too many patterns/strong colors) give you a very edgy and organic look.

You can buy your own tribal necklace at janpath for less than Rs. 200/-

These guys sit at the entry of the market from the rear end, where the maximum guys selling jewelry sit.

An oversized cotton jacket is an absolute must buy for when it is windy- it can be your best friend in the spring, rains or autumn. These are also called ‘boyfriend’ jackets. If you don’t want to buy your own- get your dad/brother’s old khakhi/light shirt or jacket.

Hope this one helps you shed well J