Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Finding funk in everyday Indian

As soon as you buy an interesting stole from Delhi Haat- or get a hand me down chunni from your mama, the first thing you’re thinking is- which kurta/suit am I wearing this with?

Everywhere around the world, designers are looking at Indian ethnic influences, traditional textile and more. As a part of a city that accepts so many cultures as its own, it is our job as girls/women in Delhi to dress the part!
Use interesting ethnic coordinates to go with your everday look- even in the simplest of ways. From a rusted kangan to your salwar- start mixing cultures up!

I found this stole in Janpath- after 4 stores, I found bellbottoms made of the same material! The first thought that came to my mind was to pair this up with a kurti. That was until I experimented a little  J

Basic winter Look

Basic summer look
If you have love handles like me, use this layering style to refine your curves by wearing a shapely vest underneath.

This bag was spotted on my way to office in the Metro. Its from the Trade fair that was recently organized in Pragati Maidan. Trade fairs and melas like the Dastakar mela are a fabulous place to pick up interesting stuff!

The fluorescent yellow bangle that I’m wearing in the pictures above is from the Dastakar Crafts Mela, which is held bi-annually. I’ll let you know when its coming up next!

Mixing ethnic elements in everyday fashion is one of my all time favorite looks. Hope you find it interesting enough to work for your wardrobe as well.

Love to you- thank you for making my this little project worth the while :)


  1. I really like the winter look!!! This is really good stuff!! :)

  2. very cool kataria i love the silver pendant i am going to publicise this! absolutely love that u r doing this -pradipti

  3. If I was you - I wd create a business around it
    And it would do well

  4. I am amazed at how well u know me!! ;) thanks.. great great ths is!!!

  5. good wrk..though i wudv likd it more if u wudv made d title.."finding funk in everyday indian junk'....however..kickass job wid d writing dude! :P

  6. hey!!great stuff keerti! keep updating this page:)

  7. stop talking in nominative plural's ,saying every indian and putting only ur photo ..Hrmp