Monday, April 18, 2011

The key to happiness

There are so many thoughts in my head right now. I graduate from college (hopefully) in a month and it’s bringing this sort of head rush where stories from the past and wishes for the future are playing mind limbo everyday.

I’m in love with my grey Oxfords that I bought from Forever 21 (Rs. 1700) and will coordinate my wardrobe, daily :P with these shoes (till I start getting bored)

After a week of running around, calm returns as I get back to my interstate travel and mindless muttering of interworld fantasies.

 I brought this beautiful lock and key necklace from Forever 21 (Guess who shopped like a madwoman last Tuesday) for Rs. 400- it was a little steep considering F21’s normal standards- but totally worth it. I can’t stop feeling the texture in my hands J The broach on my trouser pocket is from people tree- it’s the first time I saw sky blue and red mixing so perfectly- so I bought it- It was for Rs. 125.

This rickshaw puller reminded me of color early in the morning with his interesting bright yellow (!) shirt. All those boys who are looking forward for some entries directed at them- give me a week- let me plan it out.

Thank you for a fabulous Sunday at-TedxNSIT-it felt great to talk about my baby in front of such an accepting audience.


  1. Very nice combination, the shoes are in and the necklace is ver very cool :D

  2. i've recently moved to delhi (from toronto) for a year to do volunteer work and you seem to know all the good places to go shopping! great outfits :) having fun looking at some of your posts and how you put your outfits and accessories together!

  3. Thank you so so much girls :) And Kay, if you need ideas on where you should go shopping, let me know- I could give you the directions to some fabulous places to take india home in clothes :D

    My id is

  4. ladkon ke rickshawala with some pilia prints :P