Monday, July 4, 2011

Five ways to wear the seventies Flare

You’ve to start letting go of those fitted trousers and jeggings this year, love. Ignorance might be bliss, but this one’s going to take over casual dressing before you know it.

Wide legged pants and flare jeans are back on the streets and are here to stay. It might be the need for change or just the ease that comes with this shape; these airy pants and lines are an easy alternative to your current favorites.

So here’s some ideas on how you can style a basic pair of flare jeans. The size of the flare can vary according to you and how dramatic you are J

Casual Nautical

Hip Hipster
Ethnic easy
Dramatic Dressy
Elegant evenings

For more ideas, find your doppleganger (celebrity look-alike in terms of body shape and size) online and see how she puts on wide legged pants or jeans.

The belt and buttoned up shirt- look is a classic when putting on flares. Now that the sales are on, go find these interesting lowers to go with your winter wardrobe. Go now!


  1. I love your blog. There's so much that floats around the interweb in the name of 'street fashion' and then they all turn out to be well-dressed people on the road wearing designer clothes that we're hardly ever going to be able to go out and buy.

    In short, I love that it's approachable, and in good taste. Great job! (In an unpatronizing way)

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