Thursday, March 3, 2011

Classic meets thrift Pt 2

Hello J I’m back with 5 basic looks that you can pull off on a daily basis, with a simple pair of jeans. Keeping in mind this erratic weather, I think this post will definitely help you style up!

Wrap Nola Wrap

So we were all sitting in class one day and this classmate of mine entered with her stole nicely pinned up leaving her hands free but our eyes engaged! Inspired by Nola’s outfit that day, this is the easiest way of hiding your flaws (if any) or accentuating your curves.

STYLETIP: Use your favorite stole and wrap it around in such a way that it compliments your body and can be tied up with a pin/brooch.


A simple ganji/vest/fitted cotton tee paired with a dinner jacket is the easiest way to dress for a semiformal evening. But twist this look by adding some color and accessorise! Add a thin hooded jacket for some layering to add dimension.

Snip Snap

Take all those old sweaters of yours and edit them out- YES Im not kidding pick up a pair of scissors and get snipping. I cut the sleeves of this boring old hag of a sweater and now it looks so classy as a grey tunic over my jeans. PERFECT for covering my love handles (hehe)

STYLETIP: It is very very important to visit the tailor after you make these changes- get them stitched in a proper way and you have a new outfit altogether! Remember he’s just a walk away and will take max Rs. 20 for this job J

Boy meets girl

A crisp shirt and an oversized jacket. Get your hand on these two items and everything else is piece of cake. If you notice carefully- Ive mixed 3 different patterns in this look- that is not wrong/stupid/too much anymore. You can play around with colors and prints- REMEMEBER, they don’t need to match, they need to coordinate.

STYLETIP: Take your dad’s old cotton scarves and create interesting details- they can be a sash, a headband or a bow. Start tying them around! (ok don’t get crazy ideas here- I’m still referring to dressing up)

Out of bed into the night

Don’t feel like dressing up at all? Just put on that kurti you wouldn’t be caught dead in (yes the one your massi/mum/nani got you and you just wont take it out)

Add some style with your favorite dinner jacket- make it more YOU (pull up the sleeves, work with accessories) and you’re done. The easiest way to keep your family happy at a dinner- keeping messy halters/dresses out of the way while managing to look sexy!

Hope this post eased some of your spring/monsoon dressing trouble. Though the easiest way you can look ultra glam is to SMILE- Im sure you already know that J


  1. LOVE this one!! Great and simple stuff for everybody to follow. Specially the idea about editing old sweaters!!! :))

    Great Job!!

  2. another great ur blog.....amazing....great work.. :)

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  4. super cool keerti.. :)
    looking forward for more of these awesome blogs.. :D

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  6. Such nice ideas! I really like this post Keerti :)

  7. You've created a brand new wardrobe for me :D
    I really really think your blog is amazingg.
    Looking forward to your next post!
    Much love, -Anmol

  8. this ones the best and you look gorgeous btw also please come over and cut up some of my old sweaters too? :p

  9. you're really a genius, i love this post :D

  10. you are a real talent,,,keerti...amazing outfit.

  11. i absolutely love the rockchick one!!
    where did you get that heart shaped neckpiece and stole from??!!