Sunday, May 1, 2011

Ghaa-gra oooh la la

You can call it a bad romance that began in the mess of NID Ahmedabad. When true love conspires, there can only be two reasons; coincidence or crazy. In this case, there’s both!
Lady Ghaghra is the brainchild of Mira and Sonam, who are currently studying to be designers at NID.  Starting out as a common love for kitsch craft- the girls started flexing their muscles on their ‘crafty Saturdays’ to come up with an eccentric, colorful and funky jewelry line.

“One day we’re at mess eating lunch and I’m making fun of Lady Gaga and I make this stupid PJ: If Lady Gaga was Indian, what would she be called? (Free jewelry if you can answer this one!) Three days later, it was the name of our brand.”- Mira

What started as a little project, an afternoon joke, became the next big thing. “We got 400 views the first day the blog was out and when we posted the link on facebook, we were ghagra deep with orders!”

“Whoodhavthunkitt? I certainly didn’t. It’s still going strong. I think if you plan something, it will always suck. It’s the accidents that make beautiful businesses, movements, whatever. I hope this is one of them.” 

“The name obviously from Lady Gaga, whose music I (Mira) hate (fans, don’t throw things at me) though Sonam loves bad romance But as much as I hate her music, I can’t help wanting to know what she’s wearing. She has freakishly weird style and I’m in complete awe of it, even if I don’t always like it. I don’t think she caters to a male audience much, she dresses for herself, which I find refreshing.”

Being creative people, whenever we see something that inspires us we get these new ideas gnawing and clawing at our brains until we see it reach fruition. Plus its hard to see unique jewelry nowadays that doesn’t cost a bomb. The jewelry will never be pretty and sweet, it will always be loud, kitschy, novel and attention-grabbing. Maybe obnoxious. Working on that.

Get to see all of their work here


Fashion icons
Mira: I love Anand Wilder, Davey Havok, Gwen Stefani, Alice Dellal, Beth Ditto, Kangana Ranaut, Agyness Deyn, Kathleen Hannah, Dita Von Teese, I adore Shilpa Chavan’s work and Manish Arora’s too.
Sonam: i dont really have a fashion icon. I like to do things my way. But I look up to people who can pull off anything they wear.

Wouldn’t be caught dead in?
Mira: men’s denim shirts. Yuck. I don’t care even if they’re in fashion.
Sonam: bell bottoms...eek

An indian trend that can never go out of fashion
Mira: The Ghagra! :P
Sonam: the sari

Who’s the lady ghagra girl/woman
Somebody whose wearing her style for herself, not anyone else. Someone who is arty, defiant when she needs to be, isn’t a clone, assertive, edgy, sometimes loud, individual and loves her Indian culture, isn’t ashamed to even poke fun at it sometimes.

Ideas for the future
Stuff for guys! Lots of stuff for guys! All our guy friends are feeling left out, so we’re going to have a collection for them, I’m sure!


  1. Sonam's bigggg fan:)May 2, 2011 at 10:43 AM

    Go Sonam and Mira!!!!

  2. Thanks for the feature! :D And for putting whatever I said in! Best and funnest interview I've done, ever!