Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Botanical Garden

Time and again, spring brings with it beautiful colors, romantic lace and light fabric. Today’s post focuses on florals or what we call ‘Botanicals’ in the broad sense of the term. Beautiful rose, pretty paisley and little flowers- no matter how much you run away from them you minimalist you- they’re going to come barging in!

In a country where prints are the easiest to find and the most convenient to wear- look no further than your own wardrobe (or your mums) to create your own look.

Like this ‘dress’ I came up with- I wore a beautiful kurti my aunty got me from Westside- I thought for hours how I could make it look less monotonous and paired it up with a long lacy top I was too scared to wear by itself: P

Combining lace and florals, this is my favorite look J

For those of you who go to office and barf at the idea of flowers- try this look that I found in the metro- I love the basket weave that she’s carrying as a handbag.

For those of you who have a GAZILLION kurtis post the Bunty Babli era- try to pair these up with high street co-ordinates to create a special indie look.

More from the metro-


  1. i love the 'dress'.. its casual and classy !! very new :)

  2. u look like an annais annais bottle,so pretty.