Wednesday, May 25, 2011

For an easy breezy summer!

Here’s how you can get your hands on the summer’s easiest must haves J

1.Idontcare Pyjamas, Rs 100
Look through those shady pyjama sellers in Sarojini. Look through plenty before you decide on one. Make sure you check the fabric’s quality.

2. Colorful Flip flops. Rs. 250
Don’t go all the way to high street brands to get just one pair at 1500. Go to Lifestyle/ Westside and get 3-4 pairs at the same price!
3. Whites, Rs. 2190
This cute dress comes from Zara but if you’re looking at cheaper outfits, go to Cottonworld or Fabindia. White pants/shirts/skirts/shorts- everything’s is in. You must have white coordinates this summer!

4. Crazy Cool Scarves, Rs. 890 onwards (Zara) Rs. 50 (Sarojini)
Look for the brightest colors, floral prints, wacky patterns and motifs.

5. Dramatic hats Rs. 1000
This one can be found at Zara, but Aldo has stocked up some really cute ones as well, with cute bows and other details. They’re priced at around a grand, but can be worn for years.

6. Jumpsuits and Jumpers, Rs. 150
The one in the picture is from sarojini, but there are plenty of high street brands selling these. Short girls go for jumpers, girls with long legs put on jumpsuits.

7.Oversized cotton shirt, Rs. 200
Airy and comfortable, get your hands on these light cotton shirts that can become shirtdresses, get tucked in or tucked out. The easiest thing to put on this summer!

8.  Tailored shorts, Rs. 1549
The pair in the picture is from Forever 21. For all those dinners with parents, Movie dates and casual lunches, bring home a pair of well-tailored shorts to go with classy shirts or just a ganji.

Hope this helps all you girls heading out to shop!


  1. i loved this.......... thanks for all the inputs......

  2. very gud!! i like it... so cool!!

  3. I love this post. Great way to create outfits.

    Just Liked your facebook page hope you can do the same with mine. Don't have the like button but could be added as friend here's the link.


  4. I love your simple yet classy-chic writing style! super cool :)

  5. m mad about Jumpsuits...!!! I am going to SN tommorw...!! Thank u..And I am following u...:)