Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Monsoon Dressing

Just when you thought that the winters were on their way out for airy spring to come in, all your ballerina dreams and lacey pumps go crashing down the drain thanks to the monsoons. I’m sure you are slumping at the idea of going out and wondering what you can do to make the most of these pleasant evenings in a city smothered with muck J

For starters- take out all your hand-me-downs, old pullovers and jewelry along with your faded jeans. Handpick important accessories or scarves that you’d like to carry and make your own coordinates. Footwear in the monsoons is MOST crucial. Wear shoes that you’re ready to get rid off- but make sure they go with your outfit!

STYLETIP: If you feel that the winters have added what we call ‘Love handles’ or ‘tyres’ to your figure, then make sure you wear a well-fitted vest/tshirt underneath with a easy flowing or lose pullover.

I’m a fan of short crop jackets- and this one from GROGGY is my absolute favorite. It accentuates your shoulders and works well for either very thin girls or girls with big hips- it takes away attention from those bottoms :P

These copper chappals are fondly referred to as ‘Mahabharat Chappals’ by my design school friends J they’re really old but super funky and I didn’t mind getting rid of them at the end of this season.

STYLETIP: Gone are the days when silver went with silver and not rust. You can mix and match your rust silver and gold jewelry for an interesting look. Make sure you keep both rusted- mixing these colors should also please the eye.


In case you’re wondering, this girl is wearing JEGGINGS (Jeans+leggings) they were the coolest silhouette for winters and very soon they’ll be replaced by a summer trend that I’ll talk about TOMORROW.

Hope this one helped you out.



  1. i like the style tip :p suits me..also love the groggy jacket..also suggest some tips for this irritating weather where it keeps fluctuating between hot and cold. looking forward to the next post :)

  2. Very nice and layered fashion.I love the ring with a more Asian look and the bangles that you have displayed too.

  3. Nice booty! Ugly feet though :/