Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Classic meets thrift Pt 1

Its that time of the year again. You’re slyly looking at your summer clothes and wondering if you can start wearing them now on J After the heavy bulky months of winter, you’ve happily tranced into your soft light summer clothes- it’s the post valentines effect I’m guessing!

So I took out one of my summer dresses for a particular sunny afternoon- was going for lunch with my sweetheart.

Here’s a step-by-step description for you to make your summer outfit withstand the tipsy winter. Hope you like it!

To start off, I was feeling a little thin on the day, so I decided to put on a thin belt that I got as an add on to my ZARA pants.

Style tip: make sure you use your add on accessories wisely. If you get an additional bow or a sash with a top or lowers, mix it up with other clothes as well.

This beautiful short crop jacket is my best friend’s classic buy. When it comes to Sarojini shopping, Chandni’s got the best eye. She picks up the most chic things from a pile of dust. If you want tuitions, let me know, I’ll give you her no. Just a hint of accessories and chic- the dress looks like it was made to be worn in the winter.

Even though the accessories here are matching- that may not be the case always. Remember- it’s not important to MATCH, its rather more important to COORDINATE.

If I’d be feeling a little chubby on this day, I’d wear the dress with a casual sweater. You can let it hang by the side or just take a brooch/safety pin to wear it in a asymmetric manner.

There’s a very important lesson Ive learnt in the recent past- Pairing classics or high street ACCESSORIES with low street (Janpath/Sarojini) Coordinates turns the outfit into a very interesting high street look J

Jacket: Sarojini

Dress: Sarojini

Belt: ZARA
Shoes: ALDO

Sweater: Allen Solly


  1. hey keerti very nice work..!!i like the way u mix match ur stuff..!!i'll b regular from now..Congrats..!!

  2. LOVE this dress! and I love those sandals!
    You stylist you! :)

  3. summer fun :) lovely dress.