Sunday, May 15, 2011

Indian Cheap & Chic

A friend and me went to Lajpat Nagar for some good ol’ sourcing- something she does regularly as she’s an assistant designer for Suneet Varma Design.
I entered this market with no prior expectations, and hardly remember visiting it before. Amongst cheap kurtis and deep fried pakodas, I happened to find something I thought you jewelry junkies would be interested in. Yes, fair ladies; I happened to find a lane of crazy jewelry/embellishment supply stores!

Now some of you might be aware of this crazy lane, but for the others, you have to get yourself to go here! These shops sell all those ethnic/funky pieces you get in Khan Market for 1/4th the price. So worth it!
Here’s what I bought. Isn’t the necklace so artful?  (Smiles to self- it cost me Rs. 100)
Moving on, here’s some fabulous ethnic style. Hope you like it!

A School friend I found in citywalk.

What a fresh, different way to walk the malls. Her Mum makes these airy kurtas and churidaars. If you want your hands on some, let me know!


  1. i must say, i like this new look of the blog a lot! It feels fresher as compared to the black and white logo you had before!

  2. wow thanks for the info...
    will definitely check this place out when i get to delhi.

    do visit my blog sometimes...

    much love

  3. hey id like to get my hands on those airy kurtas!! they are so them..and love ur blog!!

  4. I love the fist necklace! It looks so nice :D

    Oh, I gave you an award on my blog so if you want to check it out just visit it!


  5. i love the shoes..

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  6. OOh the jewelery!
    u have a damn nice blog :D

  7. where'd u get that green dress from! its so simple n lovely!