Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Coulda Shoulda Woulda

When looking up fashion magazines, blogs and the umpteen facebook updates one has subscribed to- you often wonder whether any of them even work. Personally, I look up a million outfits, decide they are absolutely perfect for me, save the images for future reference... and 7 minutes later, I forget. 

Then there's the investment issue. Its not that clothes are too expensive, its just that you often wonder which is the right look to invest in. If its a great color, it'll stand out each time you wear it.. if its a certain cut, the coordinates are restricted. There's always that question- Whether you can carry a look, whether you should invest in it and finally- would it even look nice?

In the words of one Ms. Bradshaw- Coulda woulda shouda?

I've ignored the Maxi dress for a long long time- until this easy, pleated one came along. the simple ivory white gave me the exciting opportunity to turn it around every time I accessorize. Few things to keep in mind if you buy a Maxi:

  • Make sure the hemline is not tooo long- that makes you look like a curtain
  • Short Girls dont need to shy away- just invest in a light pair of wedges, or be crazy like me- floral pumps!
  • In case you're a little chubby or stout- DO clinch the dress on your high waist- it gives the impression of long legs.. Take cue from Scarlett Johansson and Adele, you'll always see them clinched at the waist

Out of all the trends I haven't given heed to- Print on Print is the funnest!This summer is out of control I tell you- mix and match all those prints in a playful manner! Things to keep in mind though:
  • If you're wearing prints, DO NOT over accessorize. The accessories have to be a subtle, one color. Its about having fun with prints, not going over board.
  • For the fainthearted and careful, start with basic prints, Polka Dots with stripes, strong prints with prints-hardly there.. take it slow
  • Even though its fun to mix them up- take a moment to set a contrast and coordinate colors. 

I wouldn't even come close to a girly, frilly/peplum sort of top. Just not my thing. But considering this one was Topshop and the color was sort of endearing, I decided to take it up. When you wear a certain genre that you're not too fond of- mix it with genres that you like.. my bohemian beads, casual shorts and chappals a plus- I think this is my favorite look of them all!With a top like this, be careful NOT to:

  • Do girly earrings/ an interfering necklace.
  • Belt up to ruin the shape

The all white, splash of color look. Frustrating to achieve and coordinate but just so Zen like if its a success :) Quite frankly, it was the beads I was dying to wear- the white on white clothes are just a coincidence. When planning a white look, keep in mind:

  • The lining of the dress/outfit. There is nothing more embarrassing than your chaddis going peek a boo 
  • CLEAN WHITES. period
  • Instead of the safe nudes and browns for accessories.. try lime/neon/coral to dress it up
These are just ideas that I decided to experiment with- there are a MILLION other looks you should try on! In case we're actually dying this December, you might want to live a little.


(Okay maybe that was too experimental)

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