Sunday, June 17, 2012

Dressing lessons: If you have a non existent wardrobe

It was that time of the year, New years is long gone, your boss flinches at even the mention of a 'summer holiday' and you just can't wait to escape. Then comes that weekend of uninterrupted music, art and sleep (much to the delight of the sleep deprived) and the one place I have to be year after year.

The Escape Festival takes place in Naukuchiatal, so it would be stupid idea to carry my lovelies. (Read: fabulous clothing from the likes of high street/ high priced clothes), so we take to my staples: Sarojini, Pyajamas and as my mum defines it, my 'bhikari colors'- blue, grey, blue, green and blue.

Here's what you missed, at the lovely mini indian version of the woodstock

Sun down at the lake resort

Our favorite; Menwhopause

And if you missed a bit on the packing for that big trip like I did, use those coordinates again, with that one statement piece that all attention gravitates to.. check out the guys with the crazy hats and otherwise classic looks.

The girl's drooling over the hat, I'm telling you

The artist with his indie- people tree hat
Thats comfortable dressing right there

My mum's brooch from the 80's 
My Dino bag from F-2. If you notice carefully, you will see the similarity in our expressions
If you happen to be on the other side, and pack too much into your bags- try Shruti's jungle mein mangal look- I love it 

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