Monday, August 20, 2012

Dressing Lessons from the Photo Booth

Move over the Mirror, mirror dilemma and skip a few decades to the personal computer's very personal front facing camera. God knows how many hours I've spent ravaging my cupboard, followed by 'documenting' the hits from the misses for every time I go out.

The long Eid weekend called for a clean up- of the room, the cupboard, the book shelf and the computer. Which is when I found these treasures- records/ documentations of every look I tried before I reached the final outfit on Indiestylerush. Don't mind the awkward face expressions/poses, but these are some of my finest wardrobe additions being tried on for the first time! 

Trial outfit for NYE 2011

Noida Days 2010: Interning at Suneet Varma Design
Shreya's birthday night out; 2011

NYE 2012 outfit

Fashion Week 2012 followed by cocktails

Mango's First AW 2011 Crazy Sale

When Guetta hit town: 2012

Favorite Summer Outfit: Forever 21

Pretending to work at SV Design (2010)

Post work meetings stress: 2010

Happiness(2011): Your boss doesn't show up for work. Leaving a day of unapologetic narcism. 
My favorite brooch: Gifted by mother dearest (2009)

Fancy SV Brooch: Sourced by Yours Truly 

The wannabe social climber look I call it
Well thats where I'll stop with the self inflicted embarrassment! hope you enjoyed the sheer random xx


  1. yes it was fun and entertaining :p also love the pic in f21 outfit and your hair in 2009 :)

  2. luv d nye 2012 outfit..!! whr did u source the jacket from?

  3. LOVED LOVED LOVED all your little blogs!
    happened to come across one of them and spent my hour going through all of them!
    where on earth do you find such amazing stuff??
    and please do something on tips for winters for teens?!?!?!

  4. I love the jacket you wore at Fashion Week!

  5. cool stuff!!

    but what I also notice is that b/w 2009 and now (in pics) u seem to be losing ur smile - more pain or indifference visible over the years

    Pls get it back (like in 2009 pic)... good luck :)