Saturday, July 14, 2012

What boring office girls wear

Google search 'Street Fashion'. Wait for a fraction of a second. Be witness to multiple webpages of perfectly styled lean ladies, standing with  Crawford-ish swagger, with a beautiful background to boast. It seems like the photographer happened to venture out on the very same day as some dangerously decided editorial looks, straight off the runway.

Close browser window. Step out in the sticky wet stuffiness of New Delhi, look around. 

In a city where its a crime to wear a comfortable pair of heels to office, there is no way fashion can exist. No, not YSL (Now Saint Laurent Paris) inspired suits and Chanel Jackets- we're talking about essential coordinates, simple styles, individualistic styling.

So here's a few of my 'Office frineds' and their looks a good day. They can't tell a trend from the other but have a few interesting elements on their special days!

Ayushi in her basic blue skirt (She got a tailor to stitch her size!)

Im obsessing over this light coral top I got from Forever 21 recently. The bag's Louboutin FW 2012

She got this dress from Sarojini-but the cute ballet flats really stand out

Super Quirky super senior. She bought this blouse somewhere in Jaipur for about 100 rupees


  1. I love how real this blog is. The ideas are not far reachingly stupid!

  2. some real thought put in there.... great work ! :)