Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Black is simple, black is easy. If you're feeling queasy- Black is breezy :)

You can easily call me a fan of black and blue.They're the safest colors to work with on any given day. In the last week though, I figured an all color outfit could speak about who you are in a much better way (don't start rolling your eyes!) check these dressing ideas.

This definitely is the weirdest outift i wore in the longest time. Also, my most favourite :) If you notice carefully, there's a mix of prints with the kurti and shorts that Im sporting.

Wearing shocking colors like Pink or red for skinny tights shouldn't be paired as is with black boots. Make sure your boots have a layer of fur/some other fabric or colors to coordinate with your leggings. In the above look, I wore grey leg warmers to mix the boots in a more subtle way.

Incorporating ethnic elements in your workwear is easy and works very well. When at Delhi Haat or any handicraft fair, pick up strange looking/ contemporary bits and pieces that can go well with your casual wear. Its a nice way of making corporate kitsch :)

Vrinda is a teacher at Delhi University. I love the way she's paired up Pink with pink without looking like cotton candy. Her basic pyjamas and pullover have been accented with her white top with sleeve details. A very smart dresser I must say!


  1. Oh i always loved the way u used to dress up..nd here i am getting those tit-bits...loving it completely..

  2. I really really like this artcle..infact as i am writing this post i am wearing a black skirt with a subtle blue pullover & purplish shoes!!i mean i see so much of myself in this article! a die hard 'colorcrazy' that i am!! gr8 job!! ;)

  3. I like the flow and the style of writing. From the First Post to this. Good Going. Keep It Up! :)

  4. I love the colours here!
    I'm a design student too, loved your blog :)

  5. NOW i LIKE tht!!! i agree with you.. very smrt pairing up of pink!! never knew i'll like the colour so much! ;)

  6. colourful indeed! love the way u'v mixed the different styles. :)