Saturday, February 19, 2011

Most Wearable Spring Trends

We all know that the stuffed up metro and dilli ki ‘roads’ are no place to strut your chic. Most of your high street purchases lie at home as our fashion worries on the streets of Delhi. Worry not; girls- I’ve personally handpicked 8 looks that you can’t go wrong with in this crazy city!

So hear goes- most wearable trends this spring, where and how you can get them.

1. Traveling pants

For all the no nonsense girls, this one’s my favorite. Casual khakis from Janpath, a loose t-shirt. Pair it up with interesting tie-ups or chappals. The most important thing in this look is the waist of the pants- they should be well fitted and defined. Tie a loose plat to compliment the look.

Dress it up!

-Introduce a basic belt with a buckle with stone details- pair the colors of the belt with the footwear

-For really slim girls, replace the tshirt with a ganji or a short crop tshirt like Rachel Green from Friends

-Add color to the look. Create contrast with accessories

-Indian Ethnic? Just wear a simple chikankari kurta and juttis

2. Shoddy Shorties

A peasant top+a basic ganji+ hot pants= bliss. The key to trumping this look is having a good sense of color and knowing your body type. Best paired with flip flops- this look will sooth your body off all the stress you settled for in workwear/uniforms.

Dress it up!

-Fat legs? Replace the hot pants with a flirty skirt

-Heavy lower body+ Super slim upper body? Replace the shorts with cargos (Yes, Cargos!

-Get a nice pair that fits you WELL) and team it up with a dressy leotard top (ZARA) or a lacy top.

-Those uber cute hair accessories from F21 are to die for. Mix and match your bangles to add to this look.

-Indian ethnic? Get a kurti top from Cottons (GK1 N block, MGF Gurgaon) to go with the shorts

3. Sheer style

Take out all those sheer dresses that you got rid of after a beach holiday! Pair them up with old scarves from your mum’s closet as sashes and voila! You’ve got a truly indie look. Sashes are very in as of now and they do wonders for refining that baby fat. Remember, this look is off shoulder, but you can work with any silhouette as long as it suits your body type.

Dress it up!

-Going for lunch with the ladies? Put on nude heels and a classy bucket or a panama hat.

-Something more relaxed? Try flat sandals with a straw hat for some fun.

4. Come-ono

Pick up a interesting Kimono. What is interesting? Try a large geometric print or beautiful florals and sport it with clogs or wedges.

Dress it up!

-My favourite look would be pairing this airy kimono with a sharp hairstyle and a statement necklace. Keep the accessories very edgy to contrast the relaxed, casual kimono.

-Thunder thighs? Wear a matching pair of tights to guise it.

5. Cute Kitsch

My favourite out of all the ones listed- I absolutely love designer Duro Oluwo’s printed dress. Im going to try stitching the slits off my interesting kurtas to create this look this summer. Hope it works out well. Let me know if you got around something this funky.

StyleAlert: Teashades sported by the model are the coolest thing on the runway. Also known as "John Lennon glasses" or "Ozzy Glasses", this is a type of psychedelic art wire-rim sunglasses often worn, usually for purely aesthetic reasons, by members of the 1960s counterculture

6. Classic workwear

Marc by Marc Jacobs has got to be one of the most amazing diffusion lines in this day and age. This look can be carried out very easily.

Styletip: You can pair your Trend#1 Khakhis with brogues/ loafers to get this look

Dress it up!

-Dig out old brooches from your mother’s wardrobe to go with this look.

7. Colorstory

Move over mixing prints, become your own painter and mix various hues. Add hints of popping colors to a classic look or if you really want to experiment try blending different colors together. A very tricky trend, this can make a lasting impression if carried off right.

Styletip Keep the accessories very basic and try not to add too much to the same look

8. Not so midi-ocre

A blessing in disguise for all us Indian ladies, the midcalf hemline is the most feminine yet conservative way to spend the evening outside. A very complimenting silhouette for most body types, this look is here to stay.

Dress it up!

-Footwear is very important in this look- so keep it cute or feminine. Carry contrasting clutch accessorize.

-Indian Ethnic? Midi skirts at Cottons and Fabindia are a treat to the eyes.


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