Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Dressy or not too dressy?

Monotonous and limited were the two words that defined workwear or formal wear in the past. You were supposed to blend in, feel comfortable but NOT be comfortable. Heels or no heels seemed like the biggest debate of the century. Dressy or not too dressy?

Come 2009, with Vogue’s most celebrated Workwear issue, these worries are a thing of the past. Workwear is all about dressing like yourself, being comfortable in sharp attire and letting everyone know what you’re about. If you’re still confused about how you can look like fun in at office or a model united nations conference, here’s how.

Ps. No bare legs or red heels I promise!

Also, for those of you who want more on how to funk up your classic casuals, Im working on that for next week! So keep reading J

A pair of Chino pants or straight fits can easily be worn when going formal. For those who have big hips like me, go for Chinos, the ones Im wearing in the picture.

The Tshirt znd pants are from ZARA, pullover is a hand-me-down from mama and the brogues (shoes) are from ALDO. Brogues and Moccasins are the easiest way to look sharp yet casual at work without getting into the ‘jhanjhat’ of heels/wedges/sandals. They look super adorable and are my favorite!

StyleTip: Go through your mum’s wardrobe and take out all those vintage pearls and brooches she doesn’t wear anymore. These accessories add a very classy touch to what you’re wearing.

The jacket is one of the few things Ive ever bought from Benetton and the shirt is a hand me down. The jeans are from Incense, Yes Incense! They have the best fitting jeans for thunder thighs like mine. Their store is in Sarojini, GK and DT City Center in Gurgaon.

StyleTip: As workwear classics, I would suggest that you buy one well fitting jacket and 3 pairs of pants along with Brogues. These classics can be worn with anything from your wardrobe!

When buying a shirt, try getting interesting buttons on it. Wearing it straight out, the buttons add an interesting touch as well as make you look taller- it’s like a vertical line that refines your posture.

Sumangla is a very dear friend who worked with me at The Danceworx and is currently my colleague at Suneet Varma Design, where Im interning. She follows a very simple dressing rule:


I love love love this colorful double stiched stole that she got from a handicraft exhibition- its very fresh and can go very well with most of the things in your ethnic wardrobe. Try and look for interesting dupattas so that you can repeat the same kurta churidaar with a completely different twist.

That’s all from me today! Hope this post helped you a bit. Let me know what you think. Pretty please J

Love to you


  1. hmmm..nt bad..u had lots of good insights but i DO NOT think u hav 'thundering thighs' @ al!! anyway..besides that....i luuv d brooches n ransacking mom's cupboard idea..most ppl dun realise it but what they have (in tems of jewellery) are classics n neva go out of style...also..i also lyk d brooches idea coz i often do that myself.. i am a sucker for big, chunky ones..they have al d glamor n sparkle u need 2 rev up even the most old, worn down shaggy clothes!!...

  2. Wheeeee!
    LOVE your first outfit!! like the others too, but LOVE the first one.

    Really nice blog, wish u luck :)

  3. mutli taskin u r gal..omg!!! it was fun reading ur bolg...keep it up..will keep an eye on it from now on...

  4. Aha. Fancy talk about clothes that I actually comprehend. Brava.

    Kitni mehnat kar rahi hai. Good stuff.