Thursday, April 28, 2011

Pretty Preppy

Preppy dressing was refered to as conventional or optimistic dressing in the past, wherein ‘square’ people or boring dressers would dress in this fashion. But come the summer of 2011, preppy style of dressing makes a come back in a fun geeklovin’ sort of way. Its one of my favorite trends, hopefully you’ll love it!

StyleTIPS: what you need for this look:

·       Be Neat
·       Add detail- a bow, a broach, a scarf or a cute hat- carry an umbrella on hot days
·       More real, less dressy- No dangling earrings, leave those high heels
·       Color specific: work with pastels, patterns and stripes along with primary colors
·       Keep it sporty: Try blank white pair of converse shoes, straight khakhis, denim shirts and leather belts
·       Androgyny: That means a girl dressing up like a boy. That’s all you need to know of the term androgyny in fashion- its dressing up in a masculine way. 


  1. what do u think of funky pajamas this summer.....or mayb those funky pants which have a low crotch...zouave i think they're called??


  2. wow. truly love the red skirt and bag and shirt!!! the girl in the metro.
    keerti do tell me where did she buy the stuff from.
    i bet you asked ;)

  3. Where do you get this stuff from?
    And tell me some nice street shopping places in Delhi.
    cheers. :D

  4. Anuradha- Funky pyjamas are very in. If you dont believe me, head to a ZARA store- they've started aping Fabindia loose pants in their own way :P

    The girl in the metro got her skirt from Bangkok :( and her top is from ZARA :)

    Peachy- the neclace is from F21 (Rs. 200) the shirt and pyjamas are thrifted from Sarojini Nagar Market. The best places to shop in Delhi would be:

    1. Sarojini & Janpath: For thrifting
    2. The CP outer circle lane behind Janpath- Has interesting stores like People tree and 'the shop' for eccentric style shopping
    3. DLF Promenade: for it has all brands along with Forever 21 right next door
    4. Hauz Khas Village+Shahpur Jat: For things you wont find anywhere else, from new designers and eccentric start ups.
    5. Dastakar & Fabinidia (Khan Market)- For the whole indie/journo sorta look :)

    Hope I covered most of it!

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