Monday, March 28, 2011

Goa Inspired

As the heading rightly suggests, Ive been really thinking about the beautiful city and wishing and waiting to go there. Taking cue from the city- here’s some summer styles. 
This look has two variants- casual and for a night out- you could also pair this up with basic black heels- but I was in the mood for some color :)
Summer Jacket: when going out in the summer- you contemplate whether you should wear that halter top or a tanktop for the fear of being letched at or catching a tan.
This extended cotton shrug you get at Sarojini/GK/Janpath is the answer to your issues! Its going to be my best friend this summer- so I don’t stress my style while going out.
Price: Rs. 100 at Sarojini
StyleTIP: Mix and match all your beads and mama’s old pearls to create your own edgy statement necklace. Add interesting elements like ribbon or cute charms. 

Coming up with a lot more on thrift shopping this summer!


  1. with outfits like these... i would surely love to go to Goa.... super styling Keerti ... love it !!


  2. As usual, amazing work. I love the very first outfit the best though :D Keep it going!

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  4. not a fan of the print,but like the styling on the first,kudos

  5. amazing stuff ..... feel like going 2 goa now ......

  6. Very nice fashion and the neck piece which suits and compliments the dress very beautifully.