Thursday, March 31, 2011

Warfare studies

All ready for Saturday are we? Well here’s some dressing ideas to keep it stylish as you cheer for Team India without letting go of your own thunder J

Back from your half day at work- going out with friends? 
Just change your formal shirt for a relaxed chemise or an interesting (yet sexy) top to go with your oh-so masculine office pants. Girls who wear tighter pants- stick to a looser top. Girls who wear pants like mine- wear a fitted top with sleeves or a dressy top which helps you breathe easy.

Colors should be bright- positive and cheerful- hint of simple accessories.

REMEMBER- the trick on Saturday is to keep it breezy- not sticky- you gotta spend 8+ HOURS in that outfit!

Going out with friends to the colony screening- might meet your parents after?
An easy pair of denim shorts paired with a kurta or a loose shirt (so that all those beers you chug/pizza you eat does not show up in your dressing minutes later) Remember you’re cheering iNDIA- so keep the colors interesting, add some kitsch with interesting kohlapuris- bright earrings or simple cues.

Spending 3 grands on watching a match at some hot shot club in town?
You need to dress up. So wear the most comfortable jeans you own- pair up a bright top and wedges/ kitten heels. Im not a fan of small heels- but at this event you’re bound to kill yourself if you try sporting stilts.

Hope India wins, hope you guys look great when it does.

Start dressing up!


  1. too retro for me man :) mc hammer ish,but u look damn fetching to say the least
    i need a life.

  2. This season is all about bringing the seventies back! Stop being shy and experiment with new styles pradipti!g

  3. Oooh great blog! And REALLY GREAT advice!
    The best part? You put up authentic photographs! =p If you ever decide to get a photographer, consider me, ok? Ok.