Monday, March 7, 2011

That 70's show

You must have heard this all over till now- if you haven’t, let me tell you- the seventies are back! As we all know fashion reinterprets itself every season, with different trends recycling themselves in different interpretations.

I am a crazy fan of Boho-chic, which is a sub influence of this trend. It is a style of female fashion drawing on various bohemian and hippie influences. Think Woodstock, think Abba- think absolute dressing Love <3

It’s easy, breezy and so convenient in the Indian summer to carry off a boho look. Also, it is super easy to spot these coordinates all over the city- in Sarojini, Zara, Janpath and what not. Here’s what I’ve planned to buy this summer to get the look!


Vibrant shades of color are what you can expect this summer- with maxi dresses, fun jumpsuits and interesting skirts- don’t hide away in the white/black/gray noise. Speak up!

Pattern please

Skip to Boho chic J welcome to the world of prints. Tall/skinny girls don’t wear very intricate or small flowers- makes you look gigantic. Healthy girls, stick to the smaller florals- they look cute on you.

When shopping in janpath, experiment a little and get some interesting wrap dresses, sheer (translucent) maxi dresses (the dresses that come till your ankle) or cute tops. Florals also have an elegant look to them so you CAN WEAR THEM TO OFFICE- if paired with a classic jacket/vest.

Stars and stripes are back- do follow the rules though. No horizontal stripes if you’re short/ healthy. Make sure you don’t buy a very busy top with too many patterns- it confuses the eye.

My favorite pattern for this summer is hearts J it sounds super girly- yes I know. But if worn in faded colors or simple blues it could look very interesting. There are many patterns out there- polkas or stripes-whatever they are should talk about your style.

Flaring Fun

Believe it or not, the time has come when you’ll have to start saying bye bye to skinnies- I couldn’t be happier! Bell bottoms stand for free fabulous fun!

If you’re very short- make sure you don’t wear a big flare. Keep them straight and try dark shades with a solid color. The amount of flare can increase with an increase in your height.

Girls with big bottoms- these jeans will make you look amazing!

Girls with no bottoms- you can also try ‘boyfriend’ jeans which are loose fitted on the top but tighter till the ankle- these look great when paired up with an interesting belt. (look at the pants on the extreme right)

White rose
Think lace, romance, airy and fresh. White sheer kurtis/ long shirts will be a pleasure this summer- almost like a dream.

When you go to buy your favorite one- make sure you try it on because the silhouette should be to your liking. You must NOT compromise on the shape of this top- make sure it compliments you and your skin color.

The right white top can make all the difference in your wardrobe. Imagine just putting on a simple billowy top and basic jeans- HEAVEN J

Here’s a basic idea of what you can accessorize with

Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I did writing it- there is alot to seventies fashion that I haven’t covered in detail- disco, jumpsuits, clogs and wedges. But I’m definitely in the mood for something simple- after wearing so many layers this winter, I’m ready to shed it all off for some airy comfort- what about you?


  1. Awesome awesome post! I'm definitely gonna keep these tips in mind next time I go shopping :)

  2. amazing! thanks for sharing keerti!!