Thursday, April 14, 2011

Yellow yellow dirty fellow

There are so many colors and patterns on the roads these days- or maybe it’s the sun that’s spreading light to everything around. Here are some nice dressing ideas J

I love this girl’s pants- they have a great texture.
StyleTIP: Looking at her body type, it would be better if she would’ve let the shirt hang loose and not tuck it in. When wearing skinnies, make sure that you’re not wearing something tight on top as well- it gives a very sticky feeling. 

I call this my MAFIA look. Yo yo yo.The scarf is just one my many purchases from Sarojini for Rs. 50- get a truck load of different patterns for summer!

StyleTIP: If you have some kurtis of this sort from Sarojini/Janpath, remove the string that comes on the back to give it a less sarojini and more Zara feel- I removed my strings and feel so free in it.

Talking about the streets being inspired by Zara- check this one out. These are Zara pants inspired by the streets! I was shocked and very pleasantly surprised that they’ve been creating indie pants as well J

I love this girl’s pendant. Its from Pahadganj by the way. Pahadganj hippie shops are known for extremely quirky/vintage accessories. If any of you plan to go there, take me along! 

Color blocking is very in this season- get crayola crazy! Look how an ethnic jewelry seller gives Jil Sander (Designer) a run for her money.

There’s a month left for me to be completely out on the streets- Look forward to A LOT of Indian street fashion and easy tips my loverlies.

Keep on dressing xx


  1. Your looks are great :D
    BTW, I love India.
    Thank you for visiting my blog and for your sweet comment. I'm following you now.

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  2. ur blog is really nice!! the street fashion and pics..keep up the good work! looking forward to more pictures...