Thursday, April 7, 2011

Pajama Party!

It’s been a very very busy week and I apologize for my complete absence. There is so much happening around me that I lost count of how many days I didn’t document.

As the great Indian super fussy summer approaches, I have decided to shun my jeans. They’re not coming with me on my daily adventures. No No NO.

Which is why I shifted to Pajamas J let me know what you think. Like always, there are two variations- informal and formal created with the same pajamas.

This one is for all my hardworking office girls who get suffocated in formal pants- Tell your sticky office attire to take a hike and go in for some nice Cotton pants. There are fabulous loose pants to be found at CottonWorld, FabIndia and yours truly, Janpath.

Pair these up with strictly formal co-ordinates to create airy, relaxed daywear.

Love to you 


  1. Kirtiiiii. Where do you buy such awesome stoles from?

  2. Passionate love to you to

  3. This stole is from goa :) but you get fabulous stoles from this one store in Sarojini! Its a shop FULL OF STOLES

  4. You should start a Youtube Channel and post videos about your clothes. Blogging is ancient, you'll get a lot more hits on Youtube.