Thursday, April 21, 2011

Sole Story

After studying Communication design in college- I get inspired by the smallest of things, different people and creative expression. Today I wanted to show you the works of this girl who I am very inspired by- in terms of the way she lives, her colors, her ideas and inspiration- Marilyn Monroe.

Kadambari Issar is just a young teenager who dreams of Vogue and expensive shoes and the high life. I think its safe to say that she’s heading for that and more. She’s super creative, crazy and so weird. I love her.

Here’s a superb story she did on her friends and how the way they dress talks about them.

Ps. She hasn’t started her own blog yet- but I am so EXCITED to feature this J hope you love it as much as I do!

 The young

 The thinker

 The brave

 The happy

 The dreamer

 The fighter

The free


  1. haha, i'm uploading more soon :)

  2. I LOVEEE the young and the fighter one!! Please tell me this is not stuff you guys made at college or something and is available at a store!!

    PS: I would be stalking your blog more often than usual for the next few days since I got chicken pox and was sent back to India!! Yay!!

  3. Hehehe- this has been done in the comforts of Kadambari's own DLF colony :) I'll put up the details for them in case you're interested. And Chicken pox :P aaw you poor america return!

  4. i love this.kadambari im pretty sure im gonna see you on some awesome magazine's cover-page. i remember how you came to me and started clicking pictures like a pro. /m\ you rock.
    - the young. (ilina)

  5. Damn cool keerti!! guest bloggers! great idea..and kadambari...loved d snaps! pretty zingy!!! :D ...waiting 4 more!!

    - anupriya

  6. Oh these diptychs are great! She *is* wonderful! All the best and get your own blog!

  7. haha, thanks all. :) keedi's awesome -KADAMBARI :)

  8. Burry's gonna be a star-The fighter :)

  9. This actually is nice, VERY NICE.

  10. Great images...loving your blog doll.


  11. I love love LOVE your blog. Especially this post. :)

  12. your blog is amazing:) and i LOVE your style, creativity and photography :D

  13. i admire kadambaris photography and it simply gr8