Friday, April 15, 2011

Living out of Boxes

I guess you guys have figured it out now, but I would still mention it yet again- I love this dull grey shade in accessories. Recently brought this large cape like grey kaftan to wear over, well, EVERYTHING in my wardrobe J its my best friend already.

This outfit is a result of some really interesting shopping:
Top: Sarojini (Rs. 100)
Denims: Incense (Rs. 800)
Grey Cape: Sarojini (Rs. 110)
Brogues: Forever 21 (Rs. 1699)
Necklace: Forever 21 (Rs. 200)

So I went to the malls for summer shopping recently and wanted to give you a quick update:

Forever 21: Has the most fabulous bags, accessories and shoes- their jeans are looking lovely as well- the dresses and tops aren’t that distinct or nice for now, you can find all those styles in sarojini- trust me!
Must buy- High waist bellbottoms for Rs. 1500 selling at Rs. 800!
Brogues at Rs. 1400 and rs. 1700
All these reduced prices stay for a very limited time, so hit the stores soon!

Zara: Has very interesting vibrant pants selling for Rs. 2199, but I’d much rather go to incense in Sarojini to get them for Rs. 600. The shoes at Zara are looking really good though, so you can definitely pick a pair.

styleTIP: Its always better to buy your classics (Shoes, bags, jeans, pants, white shirt) from a brand and mix it with your thrift purchases to give a chic look. Doing the opposite can become a complete disaster!
Hope you enjoyed my first look from my season shopping

Keep on dressing xx 


  1. There should be something for boys i noticed there is nothing for them....:)

  2. love the necklace vintage yet pretty